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Fashion famously said that ” Sunglasses is the only can give a person a celebrity face in an instant the ornaments”.Since the beatles wearing ray-ban led in the 1960 s, to Audrey Hepburn in “breakfast at tiffany’s” hidden behind the oversized Cheap Ray Bans sunglasses charming is spruce face become the eternal classic.

Pick wearing Cheap Ray Ban Aviator Black Silver Gray Sunglasses, both hands hold glasses legs parallel came up to take on both sides along the cheek.Wear Ray Ban RB4101 Jackie Ohh Sunglasses Brown Frame Brown Polarized also want to use both hands to avoid unilateral stress distorts the picture frame for a long time.Most of the frames was designed from the left leg begins to fold. Please keep the mirror when placed upward, away from the high temperature environment.

High Quality Cheap Ray Ban Aviator Cheap Ray-Ban Sunglasses

Cheap Ray Ban Aviator Black Full Framed Ray-Ban sunglasses was founded in the 1930s, the US Air Force and prepared specially for high-altitude shelter violent light. So Ray Ban RB2132 Wayfarer Sunglasses Shiny Black Frame Dark Green are high-quality optical glass lens, it gives you a number of outstanding advantages.

Very visual clarity. Through precise manufacturing and polishing process, Cheap Ray-Bans optical lens no deviation, after wear does not cause eye fatigue, headaches or fatigue. Lens color will not fade anytime day to ensure lasting for years.


Design Cheap Ray-Ban Sunglasses frame and manufacturing philosophy, and create accurate theoretical lens almost exactly the same, extremely durable material, always wear comfortable, exceptionally thoughtful face type. Double screw assembly, effectively consolidate lens Strictly twisted tests to ensure that the frame toughness and stability .

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I do not know the effect is to promote fashion stars, or improved quality of life, from Ray Ban RB2151 Wayfarer Sunglasses Black Frame Crystal Green Len gradually correct vision, sun shading function in daily life products become popular fashions, which, Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses (Ray-Ban) to one hundred percent blocking harmful ultraviolet rays, infrared and other applications while filtering harmful rays and the polarizing film technology, stand out in many brands of sunglasses, has become the most popular consumer brand sunglasses. Whether it is style design, or product quality can lead to consumer once sought after and praise.

Authentic Ray Ban sunglasses mirror box fine workmanship, the interior is all wrapped with a cloth, and the words IN ROMANIA MADE; and comes with cloth of silver, red RAY-BAN LOGO on the lens cloth. Ray Ban Clubmaster Brown Black Sunglasses imitations of artificial plastic mirror box, inside which generally have two layers, one layer using a pure hard plastic, used to hold instructions; imitation goods as a pale yellow lens cloth, lens cloth of the RAY-BAN LOGO blue.

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Different people, according to different preferences and different uses to choose Ray Ban RB2140 Wayfarer Sunglasses Black Frame Crystal Green Len sunglasses, but the most fundamental is to protect the wearer’s safety and visual acuity from the basic principles of damage. The basic function of Ray Bans Outlet sunglasses is to reduce the strong light stimulation, the visual object is not deformed, the anti ultraviolet, the color identification is not distorted, and accurately identify the traffic signal.

If these features are flawed, light to sunglasses would produce dizziness, eye acid bilges consciously does not adapt the symptoms, and sometimes produce unresponsive, chromatic discrimination illusion and walk as inequality symptoms and cause traffic accidents and other. So choose Cheap Ray Ban RB2132 Wayfarer Sunglasses can not only focus on style and ignore its inherent quality.

We know that different types of Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses have their different applications and people. We want to buy Ray Ban Aviator Black Silvery Frame Sunglasses must first determine the choose and buy is intended for shading, or dress with adornment effect? In addition to the sunshade outside whether there are anti ultraviolet function? Safety performance of the lens has no special requirements? Only clear these objective, combined with styles and wear in the actual effect of my face to buy the right pair of Ray Ban RB3467 Sunglasses Gold Frame Brown Gradient Lens sunglasses.

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Choose Cheap Ray Ban Aviator Black Frame Deep Green Lens Sunglasses Tips. Ray Ban Wayfarer Black Green Lens Sunglasses have become a necessity for people to travel, but many people have no attention in the sunglasses of choice, they do not know how to choose sunglasses. In fact, there is some skill to select sunglasses. Don’t choose sunglasses without UV.

Wear Ray Bans Wayfarer Leopard Grain Frame Sunglasses to prevent light, ultraviolet damage to the eyes, first of all, shading can prevent glare light caused headache; secondly the sun’s ultraviolet rays if they enter the retina, cause retinal macular degeneration, and lead to the formation of cataracts and other eye diseases. And poor quality sunglasses just with colored lenses, blocking the light, the pupil of the eye under the weak light will naturally amplifies, but poor quality sunglasses lenses and no anti ultraviolet function, dilated pupils but will absorb more ultraviolet radiation, easily lead to cataract, fluorescent keratitis, corneal endothelial injury and eye macular degeneration disease.

The color of the Cheap Ray Bans RB3025 Aviator Sunglasses is better in dark gray. Wear the color too dark glasses will make the eye in the darkroom environment, people’s eyes in the dark environment pupil will automatically expand, pupil of the long-term and expanded easily lead to glaucoma and other diseases. Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses lenses should be smooth without grinding marks.

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The basic function of Ray Ban RB2132 Wayfarer Sunglasses Black Frame Crystal Green Lens sunglasses is to reduce the light stimulus, the visual object is clear and not deformed, the anti ultraviolet, the color identification is not distorted, accurate identification of traffic signals. If the quality is poor, it may produce dizziness, eye acid, color vision, the color of the object is not equal to walking. To buy Ray Ban Sunglasses Outlet UK Sunglasses the most fundamental principle is to ensure the wearer’s vision health, followed by the style.

Light colored Cheap Sunglasses are popular in recent years, varieties, mainly plays the role of decoration. Because of its bright color, rich, fashionable and diverse, by the young gens of favor, female fashion is favored to increase their. However, if it is not scientific to use, it will give users a negative impact. Such as long-term wear certain colors of the glasses will lead to the human eye fatigue; if this type of glasses also when the sun shade, not only can not afford to shade the effect, there may be damage to the human eye.

UV damage to the human eye is mainly determined in ultraviolet wavelength, radiation time and radiation intensity and human eye’s own defense mechanism of strength, cornea, lens is most often subjected to ultraviolet damage to the eye tissues, solar keratitis and corneal endothelial damage, daylight cataract barrier is most closely associated with ocular diseases. In order to protect the health of the eyes, you can choose to have anti UV function of Ray Ban RB3016 Clubmaster Sunglasses, as far as possible to eliminate ultraviolet 380nm.

Cheap Ray-Ban RB3532 Sunglasses Ray Ban Outlet

Whether it is to travel or work, you should have a set of your own “airport look”, you do not have to wear clothing as Jacqueline “JET-SET STYLE”, but has a comfortable and fashionable style no doubt will make you travel more interesting. Cheap Ray-Ban RB3532 Sunglasses original decorative details, perfectly folded structure design, compact and flexible frame, high quality finishes effect, wild metallic colors, including classic Arista gold and fine silver, the perfect image of dazzling deal with various situations.

Consumers in the selection of Ray Ban Outlet sunglasses how to see whether the lens is flat? Detection method is very simple, just holding Ray Ban sunglasses, put a foot outside, through the lens object observe each other, with the vertical and horizontal movement of glasses, if the object is not distorted, the lens is flat, otherwise uneven, uneven glasses It will make people dizzy, uncomfortable symptoms.

In addition, it advised consumers to try to use gray, brown, green in the selection of the Cheap Ray Ban Aviators lens, because these good color lens shading effect. Also, check the width of the cheap ray bans frame arms will not interfere with the lateral view. Excellent texture of the synthetic resin frame, usually without prejudice to the width of the lateral field of vision, looking at the clear, wearing comfortable.

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Ray-ban sunglasses, and harley-davidson, ZIPPO lighters as a symbol of American culture.The english name is Ray-Ban, Ray to glare, Ban block, block glare of light is the essence of the sunglasses. In the 20th century, wear a pair of cheap ray bansglasses is such a celebrity’s pies, Gary grant, Audrey Hepburn is its diehard.Now, who in the ray-ban brand exposure in the fashion of People’s Daily collocation law frequently. cheap Ray Ban Wayfarer style white box, red box, black box, tortoise shell… Different ray-ban outlet sunglasses frame in Hollywood stars face, tie-in dress casual, appeared in various occasions.Sienna Miller, Olsen sisters, Kirsten Dunst is ray-ban elite, etc.

Into the 1940s, Ray Ban Sunglasses Outlet has produced have tilted the mirror surface for the U.S. air force sunglasses, provide users with the biggest eyesight protection.During the second world war, American pilots, dressed in a leather jacket, wearing a novel Ray Ban Sunglasses appear in all over the world, the image of the natural and unrestrained yingwu, greatly improved the cheap ray-ban sunglasses popularity around the world.At the time, even the us five-star general MacArthur often wear a sunglasses, Discount Ray Ban Sunglasses products.

As time goes on, Cheap Sunglasses Outlet become more popular, and gradually by fashion jewelry, into the essentials of everyday life.In the 1950s, Ray Ban to market with multicolor lens and big picture frame of fashionable sunglasses, at the same time introduced a female sunglasses series.The crack in the 60s, Ray Ban lenses, its wild and stylish sunglasses style design.Discolouration of the launched in the 70s, the Ray Ban Sale sunglasses can be in a different light, provide the most clear visual sense to the wearer.In the mid-80-s, Tom cruise in “top gun” wear classic ray-ban aviator sunglasses modelling is popular all over the world, set off a ray-ban sunglasses hot.Since then, for the recognition of ray-ban outstanding contribution to fashion, the American institute of popularity to its weight very heavy design award.


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Cheap ray bans (ray-ban), from brand establishment, ray-ban has been the best-selling sunglasses brand in the world.To support the achievement of, ray-ban is consistent high quality and elegant design. Eternal design style, concise style and good quality, no doubt become the ray-ban this brand through nearly 70 years after enduring still important elements.

Cheap ray ban outlet lens is given priority to with glass, shading effect is extremely strong, all lenses are able to block harmful ultraviolet (uv) and one hundred percent and screening of infrared light and other harmful rays.Now use the polarizing film technology, make the light a many reduction in the damage to the eyes. Cheap ray ban wayfarer frame design and manufacturing are also good, no matter under what circumstances, can make people comfortable to wear.

UK ray bans sunglasses leg use vacuum plating technology, high temperature resistance, anti-oxidation, discoloration, fading, etc. Every detail is you choose the perfect quality standard.No welding FAC laser cutting a integrated frame, perfect to build solid modeling, according to the Asian face design, accord with human body engineering.Designed for Asian face shape design for most people wear box type, bring you a comfortable fit.On the frame or box technology was improved, the radian smooth, when wear cheap ray ban outlet sunglasses uk are not easy to hurt the skin, improve security, more show delicate process.

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Iridiscence Cheap Ray Bans Wayfarer colorful gorgeous lenses and frames, waters flow rainbow of color reflections, is destined to be a focus. This is not a visual illusion phenomenon, but a new technology: in a micro crystal lenses made of silicon, the surface coated with high refractive index of metal oxide, can along with the change of light intensity and Angle, presents the thousands of subtle differences in color.These colors will blend each other again at the same time, form the visual effect of “flow”, so wonderful, beyond imagination.Frames also use the same coating processing, under the light exhibition shows the dynamic continuous change in color.

In 1952, ray-ban designer Raymond steger, pioneering design T-shaped glasses frame and the thick wide mirror legs Ray Bans Aviator On Sale.At the time, by the transition of the metal frame to the plastic frame, is a big innovation.Once pushed on the UK Ray Ban sunglasses and obtained the Audrey Hepburn’s heart, when she was wearing the sunglasses in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” after debut, soon the sunglasses across streets, popular in the world.

President Kennedy when speaking in public, also wearing a Cheap Ray Ban Aviator, this kind of Cheap Ray-Ban sunglasses at the time be a focus.Online Ray Ban Aviator is popular, in addition to the star effect, it also has been the shading effect of relish.Its shading effect is extremely strong, can block one hundred percent uv, filters out harmful rays at the same time, can effectively protect the eyes. UK Ray-Ban sunglasses the appearance of fashion joker and delicate do manual work, there are a variety of color optional, can match any shape, and never out of date and is necessary manpower of a super practical sunglasses.

Ray-ban “Ittakescourage” global brand manifesto activities, the propaganda movies filmed in Los Angeles. Photographer Mark Seliger, with multiple sets of unique photographs reflect the brand DNA: the courage to do themselves. Here the “courage” is not blind fear, but dare to look straight into the challenge of the resolute and firm, also inspire people break through self, beyond the limits of the source of strength. Under the lens of characters brave and loyal to the self, they dare to embrace is not perfect, as well as to challenge conventions plenty talented and emotions, to find a solution to the break through the shackles of self, living out self color. During the activity, Ray Ban Outlet encourage the younger generation face to face with evaluation, to open up, put aside the secular vision, to redefine the way of life, experience the power of courage.Theme declaration will revolve around the theme of “courage” to invite the young generation to share their own social story.